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Intelligent Case Management

With LEX247 you can create, manage, track, organise and assign cases from a single intuitive interface. We use the highest security available to ensure the safety of your data, making it easy to access and manage your firm from anywhere, using our web, Android or iOS apps. There is no need for paperwork, you can assign tasks, communicate, access files anywhere and anytime through LEX247.

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Your Time Tracked and Billed

With the robust built-in time capture and management module, you can capture time as you work. LEX247 automatically captures time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing emails or time spent on meetings through your agenda and calendar. With LEX247’s intelligent time management features you will not miss a second of billable time.

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Intelligent Conflict of Interest Checks

LEX247 tracks all relationships between Cases, Participants, Documents and Communication and offers an automatic conflict of interest check for all new cases. This process alone saves our customers tens of hours weekly.  

Approval Process for Reported Time & Expenses

With LEX247 you can report your time and expenses effortlessly, and if you are a case manager you can approve, edit or decline the reported assets of other case participants.

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Clean Client and Opponent Registry

LEX247 has the concept of Case Requests, which is useful for new Clients. This way you can work with new Clients and Opponents before accepting the Case and causing possible Conflict of Interest uncertainties. Once you are ready, you can accept the case or decline it.

Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

With LEX247 you will start loving the process of creating reports. Instead of hours of work, LEX247 creates useful, detailed reports in seconds. Choose the report type you want and time range, click create and you will have all the data available to you instantly. You can export everything in multiple formats including pdf, xls, CSV, HTML and more.

For our enterprise clients, we offer the option of a separate SQL database that can be used with standard business intelligence reporting tools such as Power Bi and others for even deeper data and analytics. 

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Your business, Visualised

LEX247 gives you a full overview of your law firm’s performance for a given period. This way you can see how close you are to reaching your goals in seconds, not hours. LEX247 makes planning ahead and organising your business effortless. Our platform presents contextualised data when you need it in a clean and functional interface, without all the distracting clutter.

Get more done, in less time

Create a free account in minutes then save hours every month with LEX247
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Always on Top of your Workflow

With LEX247 you can manage and grow your legal practice on the go. No time to go back to the office to get your files? No problem! With LEX247 you have access to all your cases and documents on the all the time.

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Ultimate billing flexibility

LEX247 is as flexible as you want it to be. Because each case is different and requires varying tasks, LEX247 allows you to adjust fees on 5 different levels. There is no need for calculations, printing or complicated processes. It all can be done within LEX247, in seconds. As a case manager, you can set different fees on a user, case, client or time basis. When ready, you can create and issue an invoice seamlessly with all your predefined preferences.

Trust Accounting in LEX247

Seamless Trust Accounting

With LEX247 you can manage trust accounting seamlessly making  compliance with industry regulations easier and less complicated.  Trust fund management with LEX247 is easy and simple.  

Legal Knowledge Management

Legal Knowledge Management helps law firms win and keep business. Capturing and reusing your law firms collective wisdom is easy with LEX247. Users who connect their firm’s Office 365 account to LEX247 benefit from powerful Full-Text document search within the system. With our enterprise document search capabilities, your firm can access and use prior work and accumulated expertise to solve legal and business problems effortlessly. 

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Supporting Enterprise-Grade Law Firms

LEX247 was built from the ground up for enterprise-grade law firms. Our platform allows national and international law firms, with multiple offices nationally and internationally to work together in a way that was not possible before. With LEX247 business units can have full control over billing units, while they can still work independently, in their local currency, using LEX247 and creating documents in their local language.

Stay on Top of Your Schedule

With your busy lifestyle, it is hard to keep up with all your appointments, trial dates and everything else that is going on in your life. With LEX247 you can manage all your upcoming activities through a unified view of all the relevant to you cases, appointments and more. 

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Truly Localised

LEX247 is 100% translatable, no matter what region of the world your offices are in, LEX247 can run in your native language. Furthermore, LEX247 fully supports any currency you prefer as your default as well as any other additional one with our built-in automatic currency converter with penny rounding ability if you choose. This way you can bill clients and issue invoices in their local currency in seconds.

Integrate with your Favourite Systems

LEX247 provides integrations with the industry’s leading accounting and document management solutions and we continuously work to add more integrations based on our customer’s feedback.

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Custom Invoice Templates

LEX247 provides the possibility to customise your own Document Templates for Invoice front-page, Invoice Specification and Credit Notes.

The Invoice Designer follows same User Experience as MS Word, allowing for an unlimited amount of Templates to use from.

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Secure Identity with Azure Active Directory

LEX247 offers two authentication providers, LEX247 Authentication or Microsoft Office 365 with Azure Active Directory, which offers features such as Multi-Factor Authentication and Single-sign on.

Intelligent Relationship Management

LEX247 tracks all relationships between Cases, Participants, Documents and Communication and makes your life easier by suggesting the most likely option by intelligently connecting the dots.

Lower your IT costs

LEX247 is a secure, cloud-based, fully featured legal practice management software that works out of the box. There is no need for hardware, software installations, IT staff or vendors. LEX247 costs a fraction of the price of on-premise solutions and does so much more. The best part, LEX247 is so powerful yet so easy to get started and understand the system. You will be up and running in no time. LEX247 will become an indispensable tool in managing and growing your legal practice.

World Class Support

We've made LEX247 simple and powerful. However, when you need our help we will always be there for you. Our experienced support teams understand the legal practice business and will support you in improving your experience. Send us a message through our contact page, live chat or give us a call.

Rock Solid Security

We are on a mission to make legal practice management simpler and more efficient. To achieve that and give you ultimate freedom in managing your firm from anywhere in the world we must ensure that your data is secure and protected.

LEX247 provides enterprise-grade, industry-leading security programs to all our customers. All our programs come with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Authentication, or if you do not use Office 365, our own LEX247 authentication method, to ensure the highest level of security. 

Cloud Security Alliance


Cloud Security Alliance

EU/US Privacy Shield

EU/US Privacy Shield Swiss/US Privacy Shield

Data Privacy Practices



Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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Service Organization Controls

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(Type Ⅱ) Trust Services Principles

NIST 800-53

NIST 800-53

National Institute of Standards and technology

GDPR Ready

GDPR Ready

Fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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